Powerful book showing how children can support each other and spread awareness

“Wonderful book told from the eyes of children who suffer from debilitating reading and physical difficulties relating to light sensitivity that often go undiagnosed. Showing they can team up together to promote awareness and find relief using color.

This is a useful book for families suffering from Irlen Syndrome or as an addition to any inclusion bookshelf – I will be certainly reading this to my tutees who already use colored overlays or Irlen Spectral Filters (colored glasses), to let them know they are not alone and there are more out there to join the club of the ‘Super Color Rangers’.”

– Julie Yaxley

Vibrant story captures the joy of how different is special!

“This fun and spirited story engages kids and inspires inclusion, acceptance, and confidence! These superheros show the world and each other just how much they can accomplish when they believe in themselves and support their friends. The underlying message about how being different is sometimes the most special gift of all is perfectly woven into this vibrant and fun story. A great read for parent and child together, or independently for more accomplished young readers. Both my 6- and 10-year-old really enjoyed it.”

– S. Tosta

Supportive and normalizing!

“Super Color Rangers is an inventive, supportive and normalizing story that will help kids with Irlen Syndrome, learning challenges and other ways of being different, feel a sense of strength and belonging. The clever approach in this book, along with the expressive images will keep kids’ interest while also supporting parents, and giving them ways to talk about these difficult situations with their children.”

– Jessica G.O.




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